Carb Caps and Terp Pearls: Whats the point?

Carb Caps and Terp Pearls: Whats the point?

Caps & Pearls

    If you are new to the world of vaporization and dabbing you may have encountered somebody using a glass carb cap and/or terp pearls alongside their quartz banger at least once or twice in your dabbing journey. Carb caps and terp pearls can come in many different shapes and sizes to fit a dabbers preference, each with their own design and function.

Carb Caps

    Carb caps are accessories that are usually used atop a quartz banger as a way to manipulate airflow or stop it altogether. They can be used to inhibit airflow, which would usually slow down the flow of air to help vapor build up in a dab rig or other smoking medium. Once the air is built up, the cap would be removed to get a larger concentration of smoke or vapor at once. Carb caps with a specific design can also be used to produce a vortex-like airflow effect that can make the dabbing experience more pleasurable.

Terp Pearls

    Terp pearls are almost self-explanatory, as they are usually used alongside a carb cap to manipulate airflow, increase heat retention, and obtain a better taste from the terpenes in some products. Terp pearls are placed in the bottom of a quartz banger and begin to produce movement when airflow is supplied. They can come in different shapes and sizes to obtain the optimal surface area and heat retention for your setup.


Heat Retention & Airflow

    As a dabber, you are probably looking for the best experience possible when consuming your preferred medium of choice. When trying to increase the quality and efficiency of their hits, dabbers will usually look to get a fair balance of heat retention and airflow by using carb caps and terp pearls alongside one another. By using terp pearls and carb caps together, you are increasing your heat retention and surface area, while also manipulating the airflow to move around the pearls and altogether increasing efficiency.


    In conclusion, carb caps and terp pearls will definitely largely effect your dabbing experience and will most likely even increase your efficiency by decreasing waste. By using terp pearls and carb caps together you are maximizing this efficiency even more. All in all, it seems that there are too many good things to say about using both of these items together and they should be incorporated in most setups.

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