Properly Caring for your Quartz Banger (How to prevent chazzing)

Properly Caring for your Quartz Banger (How to prevent chazzing)

Properly Caring for your Quartz Banger

    If you have ever used a quartz banger for your personal vaporization needs then you have probably experienced chazzing at least once. Chazzing is the term used when your quartz goes through the process of devitrification thus making the quartz look cloudy white. In this post, we will go through what that means and how to prevent it to keep your banger looking fresh.

    When heating your quartz and taking a dab, you may have noticed that there may be a dark residue that collects on the side walls of your piece. Most peoples first instinct would be to take their torch or heating element and keep reheating to burn all of the residue off. This works for getting all of the residue (plant material) off but it this will result in a haziness/cloudiness on the banger due to the chemical process known as devitrification. This can be easily avoided by following a few simple steps.

How to prevent chazzing:

1. Vaporize your product at a lower temperature. Using your product at a lower temperature (<600°F) will reduce the likelihood of plant material sticking to the side walls of your banger, making for easier cleanup.

2. Use a swab and 70%+ isopropyl alcohol between each and every use. The higher the alcohol percentage the better. Clearing the residue from your banger will help make sure that there is nothing to react with the quartz to form cloudiness when heated. 

3. After being swabbed as thorough as possible, it should now be okay to reheat your quartz to burn off the rest of the residue with very minimal to zero chazzing at all. 

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