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Quartz Blender Banger | Quartz Banger

Quartz Blender Banger | Quartz Banger

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A quartz blender banger with a bottom dish designed to provide airflow



- Vortex airflow design

- Fully-weld joint

- Beveled Edge


Quartz Blender

While the Quartz Blender is very similar to the Terp Slurper design, there are some key differences which may be the deciding factor in which one you decide to use for your product. The Quartz Blender has a wider, straighter "bucket" design on top of the loading dish, which eliminates the need for an inner valve marble. This design choice also makes it easier to clean and maintain your quartz, leading to easier day to day use, and potentially a longer life out of your banger.

*Terp pearls are recommended for the most efficient use


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